bluestarfish is a small business.  We like it that way. It allows us to provide an affordable, personalised web design service to small business and tradespeople in Port Stephens.  And because we realise that small business may not have the financial or technological means to design or maintain their own website we offer cost effective alternatives.  We try to keep costs to a minimum while still providing a professional design service built on industry-standard software. Get in touch today for an obligation-free chat.

How bluestarfish can help your business

bluestarfish can:

Website Planning
  • design a website layout to suit your business and adapt it to your unique style
  • help you with the registration of your domain name
  • organise web hosting
Laptop keyboard
  • source and licence suitable images, if required
  • launch and test your website
  • monitor your website to ensure it is operating correctly
Responsive web design image
  • provide initial tuition if you want to update it yourself, or
  • if an Update Package is chosen, keep your website up-to-date for you

Our pricing is variable depending on requirements.  We don’t do set packages, rather preferring to quote for what is actually needed.  This means you save money by not having to pay for things you don’t need.

What makes a great website

Websites are many and varied and what makes a great one depends on several things – a bit like building a house.  The design should suit your business style and have an address where it can easily be found.  The platform (web host) on which it is built needs to be strong and reliable and the materials (programs) must meet industry standards.  It must be adaptable when you want to expand, and it should be user-friendly for your clients.  Above all it should provide a return on investment to your business and be within your budget.  That’s a lot to think about.  Sounds expensive?  It doesn’t need to be.

bluestarfish builds websites using WordPress, favoured by over 76.5 million users to date and represents almost a quarter of all sites on the internet.  Wordpress is used by large companies such as The New York Times Company and  Sony Music through to small businesses and individual bloggers.  It is a powerful and adaptable Content Management System, user-friendly for both business owners and their clients.

There are essentially three types of business websites:  informational, sales-oriented or lead-generating.  What you want your website to deliver determines the type of site and the construction.  You can read more about this under The Process.  Give us a call or fill out the contact form for a friendly, obligation free chat.

The Process

Getting the Concept Right

What kind of business do you have?  Do you sell things?  Do you want to provide information about your services in order to deliver new clients?  Or do you just want to provide information?  These are some of the questions we will ask you to determine the type of website you will require.

Other questions you might like to consider prior to talking to us include:  What is your goal for the website?  To increase sales, generate new leads, publish information?  Who are your competitors and do they have websites?  (Always good to do a bit of research here.)   And finally, consider your budget.  If you are just starting out and want to keep the costs down, a single page website can provide a surprising amount of information for low cost.

The Look and Architecture

Have you seen examples of websites you really liked?  It is said “one picture is worth a thousand words” so if there is a website you have seen that you like the look of, make a note of it and it will help us to see what you envisage for your own website.  What images do you have already and what might need to be procured?  Images need to be licenced unless you own them yourself.  Pulling them from the internet is not an option for a professional website.  Font style is another personal preference although there are a few things to consider for an easily readable website. Ultimately, the text and images  need to blend with the overall look and the kind of style your business wishes to promote.

The architecture of the site relates primarily to the navigation and elements included to make it easily explored by your potential clients.   You might be a photographer and want to include a portfolio of images, or you might be selling craft items and need a shopping cart or ecommerce solution.  Once we have discussed all these items with you we will be able to offer a solution and a tailor-made quotation for your website.  If you decide to accept our quote, we will provide a binding contract which outlines in detail what each party is to provide.  The contract will include a website production schedule.

The Nuts and Bolts

Once we have a signed contract and your text and image deliverables have been received, we will commence construction of your website on a development server.  We will adjust your images for the web, or if required, we will licence professional images on your behalf.

We will stay in touch with you throughout the process and once the basic site is completed, you will be able to view it and make comments for final adjustments.

The production schedule will show the estimated completion date.  This is a co-operative process and you will have involvement in the construction from design to launch.

Making it Functional

Once you signoff on the completed website, a period of further testing will be done by us to ensure that everything is operating correctly.  You will have access to the website on the development server and you will be able to “play” with the site as if you were one of your customers.  We will also be testing, and if you have chosen to maintain the site yourself, at this point we will give you initial training on how to update it.

This period of testing enables us to sort out any minor glitches.  It is not the time for big changes.  Any big changes should have been sorted out in the Design and Production periods.

At this point everything is ready to go.

Into the World

Break out the champagne!  You are ready to launch.

bluestarfish will move your site from the development server to your own domain and you will be live on the Web.

We do not leave you to your own devices at this point.  As long as you are hosting your website through bluestarfish we will be regularly checking to make sure everything is OK.  And if you have opted for a Support Package, we will stay in touch to make sure your site stays fresh.

You can check out websites we have recently designed on our Portfolio page.

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